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Chiropractic Care from Dr. Emily Rose Whisman


Let us tell you a bit about our Chiropractor, Dr. Emily Rose Whisman!


Dr. Whisman partnered with TH&F in 2021 to allow us the opportunity to bring more healing modalities to our wonderful customers.  Dr. Emily Rose achieved her 200 hour certification in yoga instruction in 2012, her 300 hour certification in further yoga instruction in 2014, birth doula education in 2015, & her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in April 2017.  She happily utilizes all of this wisdom in unfolding the peace from the bones.


Dr. Emily uses a gentle approach to unwind the tension held in the tissues surrounding the primal cord in order to unleash the pinned up potential energy that resides there.  This spinal entrainment has a soothing effect on the limbic system - the body's "metronome", found in the brain - and enlivens the vibration that your body exists within.  


Call today for an appointment!  You won't be disappointed.

Initial visit >> $100

  • Includes a spinal scan, consultation & treatment.

Future Visit >> $40

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