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Body Firmer Natural Shimmer Sparkle & Shine

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Product Details
Brand: Skin Drink
  • Skin Drink Body Firmer Shimmer, Sparkle and Shine

    This luxurious body treatment is a new level of skin rejuvenation for a body lotion! It will nourish, pamper and soften your skin while adding a beautiful shimmer and shine! Perfect for day or night.
    Just like the Body Firmer with Neroli, it contains Alpha Lipoic Acid, DMAE, and C Ester, which firms and improves skin tone and fights against further damage.
    The anti-aging properties from the deep penetrating botanical extracts, anti-oxidant vitamins, add more benefits to refine and firm the skin.
    Apply to chest, arms, and legs for a beautiful shimmer, sparkle and glow!

    Aloe Vera based, no colors, perfumes, or parabens, it has a light texture that is quickly absorbed. It has an enveloping, delicate pear/mango/almond scent that is fabulous alone, or it will provides enhancement to any other fragrance!
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