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At True Health & Fitness, it’s our mission to bring you the largest selection and the best quality products on the market. Along with a vast wealth of knowledge in the products we sell, True Health & Fitness carries everything you could possibly imagine and more. We’re here for our customers, and want each one of them to have a unique, one-of-a-kind experience at our amazing Health Food Store.

 True Health & Fitness  is dedicated to helping people in the area stay healthy.  We feel that God put everything we need on this earth to live a long & healthy life. 

We are proud members of the Bowie Chamber of Commerce and the local merchant community as well as SENPA, Southeastern Natural Products Association.


We look forward to every opportunity to interact with our customers as we provide them with the healthiest food and supplements in the area.  We have a wide selection of quality products that we’re sure you’ll just love. Stop by for a visit!



We didn't just start this journey in 2017, but have been living a healthier lifestyle long before it was a fad.  We know that it takes more than a pill to truly be healthy, it takes a lifestyle change.  You can't change your eating habits for a couple of weeks, reach your goal and then go back to your old habits.  You have to make a commitment for a life time.  True Health & Fitness is here to help you not only by supplying quality food products & supplements, but also to encourage you.  So stop by and let us know how your journey is going.  We can learn from each other.



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